Receipt for 'Snert' (Dutch pea soup)

6 pers.
4 hours
250 gr. green peas (dried)
250 gr. green peas (splitted)
3 onions (big)
2 patatos (big)
1/2 turnip celery
2 carrots (big)
2 leeks (big)
1 bunch selery (leaves)
500 gr. smoked bacon (1 piece)
5 beef cubes
1 kg. pork spare ribs
2 smoked sausages
Prepare a broth from 2 l.water and the spare ribs.
Boil on a low fire for at least 3 hours.
Depending on the instructions on the package soak the peas in water
during the instructed time.
Cut all vegetables in small parts and put it with the peas,
1/2 liter water and the bacon in a pan.
Boil vegetables etc. for about 20 min.
Remove the spare ribs from the broth and let them cool down.
Carefully remove the meat (without any fat) from the spareribs and
return the meat to the broth.
Apply the vegatables, bacon, beef cubes and pepper to the broth.
Keep boiling for another 1/2 hour.
Heat the sausages during 20 minutes in preheated water of
approx. 80-90 centigrades.
Be carefull not to boil the water as this will burst-open the sausages.
Serve the soup hot and preferrably with the originally Frisian
ryebread and farmersbacon.