Receipt for 'Kroten met spek'

2 pers.
1 hour

3 red beets
2 onions
200 gr. bacon slices
100 gr. butter
6 patatos
Clean the beets under fresh water and boil for 30 min.
Remove the beets from the pan and peel them after cooling down.
Mince the onions.
Grate the beets with a rasp and put them with the onions and a spoon salt
into a pan with approx. 25 cl.water.
Boil for another 30 min.
Obtain 2 fresh bacon slices of approx.100 gr.each.
Spread the bacon slices with pepper and salt.
Heat the butter and bake the bacon shortly on high fire until they are
nicely light-brown.
Bake the bacon thereafter on a very low fire during at least 1 hour until
they become nicely crispy.
Peel the patatos, boil them for 45 min. in water and salt.
After draining the remaining water, keep the patatos warm with open cover
on a low fire.
Serve the beets, bacon and boiled patatos with plenty of pepper.