Receipt for 'Hutspot' (Stew from onions and carrots)

4 pers.
1 hour
8 patatos
4 onions (big)
4 carrots (big)
4 pork sausages
150 gr. butter
Clean and chop the carrots and the onions.
Boil on a low fire for 20 min. with 200 ml.salted water.
Peel the patatos and boil for 25 min. in salted water
Drain and steam with open cover for about 15 min.on a low fire.
Mash the patatos and mix with the vegatables.
Fry the sausages in butter nicely brown.
Lower the fire and fry for approx. 1/2 hour.
Put the sausages on top of the stew.
Put the fire low and add a few water to the sauce.

Two servings